Get a deep understanding of what people are really thinking and feeling to address the challenges of the future.

We provide unparalleled access to insights about people’s lives, relationships and cultural contexts. Apply the latest knowledge about psychology, behaviour and emotions to inspire your marketing strategy. We use new technologies, such as chatbots, AI, virtual workshops, immersive video and more to get a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and decision making.

What sets qualitative research from Kantar apart?

  • The world’s largest global qualitative agency, with experts in more than 60 countries, we help you build culturally relevant responses
  • The latest thinking. Words capture only 7% of what is communicated. We offer qualitative approaches based on advancements in cognitive psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience to get closer to the truth.
  • Business expertise beyond technical qualitative research skills – to create customised consultancy and activation plans in brand strategy, creative development, commerce, innovation and customer experience.
  • Integrated insights from a broad range of rich data assets for a holistic understanding of consumer motivations and behaviour.
  • Team of empathetic researchers. Empathy is a human quality, and our qualitative researchers facilitate empathy by creating immersive experiences

Achieve sharper emotional resonance

Needscope helps you understand the emotional needs underpinning the key moments of truth in your category.

Design successful Brand Architecture

A great brand ​architecture can ​clarify the brand ​story and structure ​component parts in ​the most efficient and ​effective way​.

Understand customers to find growth opportunities

Using behavioral science techniques, we capture explicit and implicit responses

Creating the conditions to predispose people

Studying real-world decision-making and behavior in financial or economic contexts

Social-web-inspired design enables easy and intuitive interaction

Rooted in anthropology and made possible by technology, Digital Ethnography let us ‘live with consumers’.

Embed cultural insights into your innovation process

Identify the truths, tensions and opportunities in culture and society where a brand purpose can drive the most impact.

A qualitative solution for human-centered design

UX testing Understand users’ motives and interactions and the resulting emotional impact.




Stefina Madjarova

Qualitative Lead

Qualitative Market Research

Apply the latest knowledge about psychology, behaviour and emotions to inspire your marketing strategy.