Customer Experience

Unlock the power of customer relationships

Customers are the most important asset for any business and can have many different experiences with your company on a daily basis. All unique moments that can make or break their relationship with your brand.

So how do you unlock the moments of extraordinary potential? The ones that deepen customer loyalty and deliver a bigger ROI.

We help you identify, optimise and activate the moments that create positive and sustainable emotions along your customers journey; and explore how best to manage the ever-increasing number of traditional as well as digital customer touchpoints.

Our Customer Experience research tools:

Specify your North Star on your journey to CX Maturity

North Star helps you align to the brand promise, and build awareness and understanding for CX management.

Customer relationships assessment

relationshipTRI*M helps you create stronger customer loyalty by unlocking the unique code that lies at the heart of every successful customer relationship.

Customer experience activation

transactionTRI*M measures emotional responses to key moments of interaction along the customer journey, and identifies the improvements that will help you build profitable customer relationships.

Building success from the inside

TRI*M HiPO (High Performance Organisation) is a comprehensive employee research framework that monitors your organisational performance. It identifies your strengths and priority improvement areas to help you drive engagement and create business success.

Extract better value per Customer and increase loyalty

Apply analytics to customer experience to understand the drivers of good customer experience and demonstrate the value on business outcomes.




Silviya Simeonova

Customer Experience and Analytics Lead

Implementation of CX Technology Platforms.