Political & Social

Political & Social

Growing public distrust puts a challenge to building successful public policies.
How can institutions understand citizen attitudes and behavior to improve public services and quality of life?

And, what is best way to communicate policy agendas, in the complex media landscape ?

We can help you identify the citizen’s opinions that matter and measure the social and political attitudes and behavior

Our Political and Social areas of expertise:

Predictive polling in electoral behavior

Predictive polling in electoral behavior

Studying public policies and services

Explore motivators and barriers to people’s behavior to advice policies and measure public services satisfaction.

Public opinion polling

Helping governments and public organisations maximise the impact of their communication

Understanding societies and cultures

Helping institutions and companies to explore the emerging markets and democracies in SEE




Marchella Abrasheva

Regional Managing Director

Anton Valkovski

Brand and Innovation Lead

Pan-European analysis

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