Brand structure analysis

Identifying key brand associations that drive sales

Brand Structure Analysis `is an analytic framework that identifies which brand associations to focus on that are likely to help grow your brand in terms of Equity and or Sales. This solution combines advanced modelling with insights taken from multiple research inputs.

Built around Kantar’s Brand Equity framework and drawing on unique learnings, we explore all of the interrelationships between the brand associations and how these ladder up to drive Brand equity and or sales either directly or indirectly.

Brand Structure Analysis:

  • Provides a guide to making better decisions on positioning, messaging and communications territories
  • Informs target setting by understanding how much you can and need to drive key associations to grow equity and or sales
  • When combined with Return on Equity Modelling, Brand Structures provide a complete toolkit for driving brand performance




Anton Valkovski

Brand and Innovation Lead

Brand Analytics

Understanding the key brand associations that drive sales.