Link Suite

Grow your brand with extraordinary creative

Our Link suite of ad testing solutions evaluates all forms of advertising to help you optimise your creative to maximise return on investment. Using the latest neuroscience approaches, behavioural and survey data, Link helps you create and optimise your creative

Our portfolio of Link solutions meets your needs, regardless of media, level of risk, speed or budget, with consistent approach used across all media channels.

Our tools incorporate validated frameworks to measure and optimise the elements we know drive advertising success.

  • Link is fully diagnostic, giving you a full indication of how your content is going to work, why, and how you might improve it
  • Link Express tells you how your content will perform and leading indications of why
  • Link Now gives you a read on whether your content will work as intended or not – so you can invest in confidence
  • Link AI for TV confirms ROI from content that wouldn’t ordinarily be tested




Mila Grigorova

Brand and Innovation Lead

Campaign Effectiveness & ROI

Boost returns on your media investment through the lens of actual consumer behavior