Concept eValuate

Prioritising winning concepts

To identify winning concepts, it is essential to understand their ability to drive top-line business growth, not just their potential to succeed in market.

Questions that Concept eValuate can answer:

  •  Which concepts generate strong consumer interest?
  •  Which concepts will drive business growth?
  •  How can concept potential be optimised?
  •  Which ideas should I progress, and which should I prioritise?

Key benefits of using Concept eValuate:

  •  Doubles the accuracy of identifying new product ideas that will drive top-line growth
  •  Benchmarks provide clear guidance on whether concepts are good enough
  •  Provides clear direction on concept optimisation
  •  Early Adopter analysis ensures you don’t kill bold, breakthrough ideas




Mila Grigorova

Brand and Innovation Lead

Concept Development & Testing

Develop new products and services that grow portfolio sales and build your brand