Emotion driving needs

Achieve sharper emotional resonance

Grow your brands with a clear purpose, a differentiated and consistent positioning, and a plan for activating these.

Asking people direct questions about their needs will lead to functional responses – rarely are people conscious of the emotion driving their needs. NeedScope’s proprietary projective tools let you unlock the emotion of the moment.

Needscope helps you understand the emotional needs underpinning the key moments of truth in your category. Using a powerful psychological framework, it helps you achieve sharper emotional resonance and differentiation in the moments that are most valuable for your brand.

NeedScope answers the following questions:

  • What does or should my brand stand for?
  • How can my brand win and grow in the category?
  • How do I align every touchpoint to a consistent ambition?
  • How can I check my brand is on track for its desired positioning?
  • What purpose should my brand stand for?




Stefina Madjarova

Qualitative Lead