Shopper & Commerce

Drive brand conversion along the purchase journey

People experience brands across an ever-growing range of touchpoints.

So how do you identify those precise moments along the path to purchase which influence shoppers most and drive sales conversion?

We help you power up your shopper marketing to create impact in the mind and in the market, and deliver extraordinary growth for your brand.

Influencing shoppers on the path to purchase

Shopper journey, linking the 6Ws (Who, When, Where, What, Why, hoW) with the touchpoints that drive purchase decisions – in and outside the store maps the path of the shopper

Activating category growth and influencing shoppers

Shopper Decisions identifies how shoppers make decisions through the purchase journey. It delivers category growth by improving ease of shopping, and brand growth via improved communications at the moment of choice.

Finding brand and category growth in eCommerce

eCommerce Decisions helps you influence shoppers and increase online sales by identifying moments of opportunity and vulnerability in eCommerce.




Anton Valkovski

Brand and Innovation Lead

Shopper Marketing

Understand and optimise purchase journeys, and store, shelf and point-of-sale layouts, to sell more and boost brands.