Customer experience activation

How do you identify and prioritize the valuable customer moments that will create positive and sustainable emotions?

transactionTRI*M maps all the elements of your customer journeys, and captures emotional responses close to the critical moments of interaction, to help improve return on investment.

Questions that transactionTRI*M can answer:

  •  Which moments in the customer journey carry the most opportunity?
  •  How can I improve customer experiences to maximize ROI?
  •  How can I action customer feedback quickly before it damages the relationship?

Key benefits of using transactionTRI*M:

  •  We use leading CEM platforms to help address individual customer issues promptly
  •  Draws on behavioural economics to understand how emotions create memorable experiences and build loyalty
  •  Uses short, simple surveys which can be integrated into existing customer experience programmes
  • Can capture in-the-moment of interaction responses, e.g. with mobile surveys




Silviya Simeonova

Customer Experience and Analytics Lead