Building success from the inside

TRI*M HiPO (High Performance Organisation) is an insight-driven framework that helps you build success across four pillars to improve employee engagement, leadership excellence, strategy and goal alignment.

Questions that TRI*M HiPO can answer:

  •  How engaged are my employees and how can I improve?
  •  Are my employees aligned with my strategy and goals?
  •  How strong is the leadership in my business?
  •  Where to prioritise effort and investment to be a high performance organisation?

Key benefits of using TRI*M HiPO:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of employee engagement, leadership excellence, goal alignment and organisational capability
  • Meaningful KPIs for use in incentive plans with links to financial and customer relationship measures
  • Draws on insights from over 20 years’ experience in employee research and a database of over 3 million interviews worldwide




Silviya Simeonova

Customer Experience and Analytics Lead

Stefina Madjarova

Qualitative Lead

Employee Experience

Maximise engagement, leadership and organisational capabilities