eCommerce Decisions

Finding brand and category growth in eCommerce

Finding growth in eCommerce can be a challenge when you don’t own or control the online platforms your brands are sold on.

eCommerce Decisions helps you win with individual retail partners by improving shopper engagement and increasing sales.

We use a unique framework based on behavioral economics and touchpoint modelling to reveal the psychology of online decision-making, and help you prioritize marketing actions.

Questions that eCommerce Decisions can answer:

  • How to get more shoppers to purchase my category in eCommerce?
  • How to improve findability and presentation of my products in eCommerce?
  • How to increase shopper conversion for the category/brands?
  • How to maximise the effectiveness of my brands’ eCommerce marketing activities?

Key benefits of using eCommerce Decisions:

  • Improve ROI on eCommerce shopper marketing investment
  • Increased brand and category conversion, volume and engagement
  • Provides retailer-specific prioritised actions
  • Goes beyond UI/UX to answer the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of shoppers’ decision-making




Anton Valkovski

Brand and Innovation Lead

Ecommerce Optimisation

Understand the size of the ecommerce opportunity, and the forecast for online sales for your brand or category.