Link for Digital

Knowing your digital ads are strong enough is essential

Link for Digital helps you optimise creative content by measuring impact in specific digital contexts, capturing behavioural and survey data for return on your investment.

It  provides further insight into how to improve creative with  fast results.

When you need to:

  • Optimise your digital ads to avoid the skip and maximise in-market success
  • Test multiple ads to see which will best achieve your goals
  • See if an effective ad in one context can work in another
  • Develop creative best practices for future digital ads

Why Link for Digital?

  • Extensively validated digital specific metrics with proven links to sales and longer-term brand building
  • We know what makes digital advertising work from experience of testing over 5,800 digital ads
  • Results available via Kantar Marketplace




Mila Grigorova

Brand and Innovation Lead

Digital ad testing

Identify which ads are most impactful