Brand Pulse

Monitor your brand

Decision-ready data is available in a dashboard of short-term measures enabling course correction now, and an overview on the long-term trajectory of your brand

  • Core brand metrics
  • Reveal relationships between brands and sub-brands or variants
  • Integrate other performance indicators for advertising, media, sales, or category,  with core brand metrics
  • These KPIs act as early indicators of future changes in brand equity (and sales)

Answer critical business questions and take action

  •  Is my brand on track to grow and meet its objectives ?
  • Are there quick corrective actions I can take to meet my objectives?
  • Is my media investment working towards my objectives?
  • Am I building the right associations to get ahead of the competition?




Mila Grigorova

Brand and Innovation Lead

Anton Valkovski

Brand and Innovation Lead

Checking Brand Performance

Measure your brand performance using validated metrics, and get early indicators to guide future decisions.