Brand and Marketing ROI

Optimize marketing spend to increase Return On Investment (ROI)

Our solutions in  Brand & Marketing ROI  allow you to measure, predict and optimise marketing levers.

  • Return on Equity evaluates marketing effectiveness on brand building and long-term sales. It measures and forecasts how the marketing mix impacts brand equity by looking at historical spend and brand health data.
  • CrossMedia quantifies the impact of multi-media campaigns on key brand metrics and provides actionable insights to help improve media planning.
  • Brand Lift Insights delivers in-depth brand measurement for desktop, mobile and social campaign optimisation.  Brand Lift Insights is a survey-based approach that determines the effectiveness of a campaign

We help our clients to:

  • Understand how each part of the media mix impacts sales and growth.
  • Quantify the contribution of brand equity to sales proving the link from brand equity to business outcomes.
  • Use AI techniques for rapid brand insights.




Silviya Simeonova

Customer Experience and Analytics Lead

Return on Equity

Quantify key relationships between marketing spend and brand sentiment